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Video conferencing was once the domain of big corporates only but advances in technology and reductions in price now put videoconferencing within the reach of every business. For some the decision is an easy one, but other companies struggle to understand why they would benefit from using video conferencing in their business.

In this article we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing to help you make an informed decision.

Reduced travel costs

Probably the biggest advantage of using video conferencing is that you can vastly reduce your travel costs. If you frequently travel between offices or you make trips to overseas headquarters then video conferencing can replace almost all those meetings, at the same time reducing your travel budget. Depending on the video conferencing setup you choose you can also deploy video conferencing to hundreds of people quickly. This is ideal if you use outsourced or home-based workers or often travel to meet clients or suppliers.

Increased time and improved productivity

Travelling not only has a fiscal cost; it also takes time – time spent driving, waiting at airports and so on. And whilst you may be able to use some of that time productively, much of it will be lost. One advantage of video conferencing is that you regain that time as you can set up conferences instantly.

Reduced carbon footprint

Governments around the world have set targets for reducing carbon emissions and brought in regulation for businesses to comply with to achieve those targets. Using video conferencing instead of travelling helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and demonstrates your own green credentials.

Global partnering opportunities

One of the less obvious advantages of video conferencing is the increased opportunity for global partnering. If your business has shied away from trading with the international market because of the logistical difficulties, video conferencing could be the answer as it removes distance as an obstacle.

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