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A Kingasterisk technology provides telemarketing call center. Telemarketing is a company that makes and takes calls in order to sell goods or services.

Telemarketers use both inbound and outbound calling; there is no specific technology for telemarketing call centers.

Uses for Telemarketing Call Centers Businesses can contract telemarketing call centers, like other types of call centers, to perform certain tasks that require considerable time, effort, and interaction with clients or consumers. Businesses and organizations can contract telemarketing call centers to:
- sell their product
- conduct market research
- conduct surveys
- solicit donations

Telemarketing uses different strategies to make sales, the main being cold calling. Cold calling involves unsolicited telephone contact with consumers.

Other techniques include persuasion and high pressure to convince a potential customer to buy products or services.

In a telemarketing call center, there are many agents cold calling or taking leads on sales at once.

Telemarketing can also be performed at home through a virtual call center.

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