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SMS is an easy way to communicate important information to customers. It is non-intrusive and it can reach numerous customers at the same time.

This is very helpful for business customers who prefer to send important details regarding change of products or new products and services through a message.

With Kingasterisk SMS Broadcast, your customers will be able to reach out to their users easily and effectively.

SMS Marketing is the fastest, cheapest, easiest and most effective way of communicating directly with your customers to increase purchase frequency, top of mind dominance, loyalty and referrals.

Let’s face it: text messages are the easiest and most effective way to communicate promotions, discounts, updates, or any type of notifications. Text marketing campaigns allow you to reach thousands instantly and open rates are much higher than email. SMS Broadcast services are used across industries from insurance to finance to real estate to billing and collections.

SMS Broadcast features :-

- Customized Messages
- Extensive reporting
- Customized Scheduling
- Multiple Phonebook Support
- Bring your contact list from your CRM

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