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Voice over IP (VoIP) is both a group of technologies and methodology for delivery of both voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet.

VoIP, IP telephony, Internet telephony, and broadband telephony phone service give you the flexibility to shift to a VoIP call center based on your custom needs. How do you make it work for you? The Kingasterisk call center solution, that's how!

With the Kingasterisk call center, you utilize either the Kingasterisk built-in Agent Softphone or a VoIP gateway on Session-Initiation Protocol (SIP).

That is the leading standard for VoIP communications. Seamlessly allow your agents to communicate with no phone lines required. Even better yet, there are no long distance fees.

With Kingasterisk VoIP call center solution:
- Lower operational and training costs
- Reduce agent attrition
- Improve the quality of your customer experience
- Increase efficiency, without a large investment, by adopting Kingasterisk VoIP call center solution.
- Build your call center on a solid foundation and be a VIP with Kingasterisk superior solutions.

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